Into the Dark – Patch

Dive into the enhanced world of Panonia with this Patch! We’ve spiced up character classes, bid farewell to the Halloween spooks, and introduced cool features like Night Vision Goggles. The Human Zone got a facelift too—no more Vampires or Werewolves hassling you, just a peaceful life behind concrete walls.

Oh, and did we mention usable buffs? Spice up your gameplay with strategic power-ups for specific durations. Enjoy a sleeker interface and other tweaks for a smoother ride.

Join us on this Panonian adventure—your feedback makes it all the more epic. Let the gaming begin!

Character Class and Talents:

Introduction of Starting Gear and Stats: Character classes now come with unique starting gear and stats to provide a more immersive gameplay experience.
Race and Class-Based Talents: We’ve laid the foundation for talents specific to each race and class, adding depth and strategy for the future character development.

Event Changes:

Halloween Event Removal: The Halloween event has been removed from the game.
Achievement Adjustments: Achievements tied to the Halloween event have also been removed.

New Items and Crafting:

Night Vision Goggles (NVG): NVGs are now available and can be acquired from the Nisha trader or crafted using a specific recipe.
Improved Character Customization: Enhancements have been made to the character customization interface for a more user-friendly experience.
Bow Fix: The issue where the bow could get stuck has been resolved, ensuring smoother gameplay.

World Changes:

Vampire and Werewolf Adjustments: Vampire and Werewolf spawns have been removed from the Human Zone (Sector A), altering the dynamic of encounters within this area. Now, if you don’t want to engage with the horrors of Panonia, you can enjoy a peaceful life inside the walls.
Human Zone Rework: The Human Zone (Sector A) now features a diverse range of NPC spawns, including the Human Friendly Army, Traders, and various Animals.
Concrete Wall Construction: A concrete wall is now under construction around the Human Zone (Sector A), providing a safety and rest from your day of hunting.

Item Tweaks:

Item Adjustments: Various tweaks have been made to certain items, optimizing their functionality and balance.

New Feature – Usable Buffs:

Temporary Buffs: A new feature allows players to use buffs for specific durations (half an hour, one hour, two hours, and six hours). These buffs enhance character stats and can be strategically employed during gameplay.

User Interface Tweaks:

UI Enhancements: Several tweaks have been made to the user interface, improving overall usability and visual appeal.

These comprehensive changes aim to enrich the gaming experience, offering a more diverse and engaging environment within the realms of Panonia. We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we strive to enhance and expand the game. Enjoy your adventures in the ever-evolving world of Panonia!

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team

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