The Dark World: Edge of Eternity Patch 272


In this latest update (UE4 – Legacy), we’ve fine-tuned Buff & Debuff stats on items and bid farewell to the Christmas Event. Several optimizations were made to enhance the overall gaming experience, including tweaks to the crafting recipes of “Hi-Tech Workshop” and “Wooden Beam,” as well as fixing the item weight and sell price for “Empty Can.” Our attention to detail extends to fixing building collisions at Osijek – East Location and resolving issues with weight updates after reaching maximum inventory weight. Thanks to the valuable input from InuYasha, we’ve addressed crafting recipe discrepancies and potential fixes for Hotbar items. Additionally, we’ve removed the Load Game option from the multiplayer pause menu, as it is intended for singleplayer use only.

Looking ahead to UE5 (Work in Progress), exciting additions include new building models designed for more dynamic gunfights, doors opening away from players to ensure smoother movement within buildings, and the introduction of breakable glass mechanics that react to various damage sources. The DG Launcher features, encompassing login, player inventory, shop functionality, and player profiles, are also in the pipeline.

UE4 – Legacy

  • Buff & Debuff stats tweaks on items
  • Removed Christmas Event
  • World optimization tweaks
  • Fixed crafting recipe for “Hi-Tech Workshop” (Thanks to InuYasha)
  • Fixed crafting recipe for “Wooden Beam” (Thanks to InuYasha)
  • Fixed item weight and sell price for “Empty Can”
  • Fixed building collision at Osijek – East Location (Thanks to InuYasha)
  • Fixed weight update after reaching maximum inventory weight (Thanks to InuYasha)
  • Possible Fix for Hotbar items not calculating proper damage and durability (Thanks to InuYasha)
  • Removed Load Game from multiplayer pause menu (It is used for singleplayer only) (Thanks to InuYasha)

UE5 (W.I.P)


  • New buildings models (designed for third person for more fluid gunfight)
  • Opening Doors away from player (more fluid movement trough buildings and prevents player to stuck between door and wall)
  • Breakable Glass (glass react/break on any damage, etc. projectile, explosion, spells or jump trough window)
  • DG Launcher features implementation (login, player inventory, shop, player profile)


  • Digital Gods Standalone Launcher
  • New World map and Minimap (high quality map, fog of war, player markers and notes, map grid, landmarks and many more).
  • Player Movement (Locomotion, Vaulting, Climbing…)

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team



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