State of Game #5

This patch brings significant enhancements to the user interface, including a major redesign of the skill page and the introduction of the “Player Card” to better organize the Player Inventory. The game world has been updated with new traps and puzzles at points of interest, a redesigned Witchfire Glade, and direct access to dungeon and raid entrances without the need for teleportation. Networking improvements feature better server-client interaction, fixes for connectivity issues, and an anti-cheat system. Additionally, the in-game admin tools for server owners have been upgraded with enhanced player management, quick access commands, custom spawn tools, and new teleport options, making server management more efficient and user-friendly.

UI Improvements:

We will start with user interface improvements. Enhancing UI readability is a very important task to ensure you don’t get lost in all the information on your screen. To make navigating through the UI more comfortable, we have made significant changes. It is still a work in progress, so bear with us. The skill page has undergone a major redesign, which is essential before we introduce the vampire race. Keep in mind that this is just an early bird version, and the overall look can change during early access.

We have moved many elements from the Player Inventory to a new page called “Player Card”.
Skill Page


Player Inventory now is all about items

World Changes:

  • Traps and puzzles at POI locations
  • Teleport to dungeon has been removed (Dungeon and Raid Entrances are now accessable without using teleport)
  • Witchfire Glade redesign


  • Improved Server-Client replication and respond speed on characters.
  • Fixed issues with client can’t connect to server after being kicked during low network performance
  • Working on new server browser
  • Working on Dedicated server support (p2p will be used for coop sessions in future)
  • Working on config files for Dedicated servers


Anti Cheat has been Implemented

Admin Tools for Server Owners:

We are also working on enhancing the in-game admin tools for server owners. These tools are currently a work in progress, but we are committed to making server management more efficient and user-friendly. Here are some of the key updates and features you can expect:

  • Enhanced Player Management: Controls for managing players directly in-game.
  • Quick Access Commands: A set of quick access commands for common administrative tasks, broadcasting messages, and adjusting game settings on the fly.
  • Spawning: Custom spawns for events, items, NPC’s without leaving the game.
  • Teleport tools

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Team

State of Game #4

In the latest update we’re excited to introduce revamped player models, offering an array of enhanced customization options for both female and male characters, complete with body morphs for increased diversity. While vampire character customization features are still in the works, players can immerse themselves in over 100 new clothing and gear options to further tailor their characters to their liking. Prepare to experience immersive weather effects, such as dynamic rain and interactive water surfaces, alongside optimized audio and lighting within interiors. And don’t forget to navigate the night sky with our realistic star map, guiding you through your nighttime explorations. Welcome to the latest update of “The Dark World: Edge of Eternity”! Now, let’s dive into a few screenshots.

New player models:

  • New female model: New and improved look of female models for player character customization.
  • New male model: New and improved look of female models for player character customization.
  • Female body morphs: Body morphs for female body customization.
  • Male body morphs: Body morphs for female body customization.
  • Vampire character customization:(W.I.P won’t be available for 2.9.0)
  • Vampire character morphs & transformation:(W.I.P won’t be available for 2.9.0)
  • Over 100 new clothes/gear pieces for new characters
  • Improved body physics for new models

Weather effects on environment:

  • Rain Effects: Experience immersive rain effects as droplets cascade down window glass, adding realism to interior environments.
  • Dynamic Puddles: Watch as puddles form on terrain, reacting realistically to footsteps and rainfall.
  • Interactive Water Surface: Interact with water surfaces as raindrops create ripples and disturbances, enhancing realism.
  • Interior Player Detection: Enjoy optimized audio and lighting within interiors, as the game dynamically adjusts sound levels and darkens interiors when you’re inside.
  • Realistic Star Map: Look up to the sky and navigate with a true-to-life star map, aiding in orientation during nighttime exploration.

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team

State of Game #3

Dear Players,

We are thrilled to bring you the latest update on the development of TDW. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance your gaming experience.

One of the key areas of focus in this update is the audio and world sound design. We recognize the crucial role that sound plays in creating an immersive gaming experience, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of the audio contributes to the atmosphere and immersion of the game world. From ambient sounds that bring environments to life, to dynamic sound effects that react to player actions, our goal is to transport players into the heart of the action and make them feel truly connected to the world around them.

In addition to enhancing the overall audio experience, we are also implementing a new feature: radio messages. As players navigate through the game world, they will receive radio messages from Guardian HQ, alerting them to important world events, warnings, and updates. These messages will add an extra layer of immersion and realism to the gameplay, as players feel like they are part of a living, breathing world where events unfold in real-time.

Overall, the transition to Unreal Engine 5 and the focus on audio and world sound design represent significant steps forward in our ongoing commitment to delivering a top-tier gaming experience.

Our focus on environment and sound design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about crafting an experience that immerses you deeply into the world of the game. One of our key objectives is to ensure that you become intimately familiar with the soundscape of the game, allowing you to effortlessly recognize audio cues that signal danger or opportunity.

To achieve this, we’re meticulously designing our environments to emit distinct sounds that resonate with the player. Whether it’s the ominous growl of a lurking predator or the subtle rustle of foliage in the wind, each sound serves a purpose, guiding you through your journey and heightening your sense of immersion.

Our goal is to train your ears to instinctively react to these sounds, so you can quickly discern when danger is near or when the perfect hunting opportunity arises. For instance, a radio message informs you about witch activity, and shortly after, you hear the sound of a horn in the distance where witches spawn, indicating that it’s probably deadly to venture there. Conversely, the melodic chirping of birds may signal a tranquil moment ripe for exploration and discovery.

But it’s not just about environmental sounds; it’s about integrating dynamic audio cues that respond to your actions and the events unfolding around you. For example, the intensity of the soundtrack may escalate during intense combat sequences, amplifying your adrenaline and sense of urgency. Similarly, subtle shifts in ambient sounds can indicate changes in weather patterns or the proximity of valuable resources.

By seamlessly blending environment and sound design, our aim is to create an intuitive experience that draws you in and keeps you engaged from start to finish. We want you to feel like an integral part of the world, attuned to its rhythms and nuances, and ready to face whatever challenges come your way.

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team

State of Game #2

Introducing the latest update, “State of Game #2,” for “The Dark World”! While this version is still in development, we’re excited to share our progress as we transition the game from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. This update focuses on laying the groundwork for enhanced visuals and performance, with dynamic foliage interactions, revamped NPC and event spawners, and the implementation of Discord Rich Presence for seamless community integration. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil these exciting enhancements, including revamped designs for the game introduction and main menu, bringing us closer to an even more immersive gaming experience.

UE4 (Legacy)

No Changes

UE5 (W.I.P) build:

Visual Improvements:
This is an example of how a new approach provides us with new possibilities to enhance visuals and performance, even as the game logic expands. Foliage now reacts to wind and interacts with the player with sound and/or movement as they walk through it, creating a more immersive look and feel when you are playing the game.

NPC & Event Spawner Overhaul:
We’ve revamped all spawners for NPCs. NPC entities are no longer loaded in memory all the time, as was the case in the Legacy version, which caused low performance. The new spawners now utilize player proximity, time of day, moon phase, and weather conditions for spawning, resulting in improved performance. With these new spawners, we can now have over 5000 NPC spawns with minimal impact on performance.

Here’s how the new spawns work for different types of NPCs:
Human NPC spawns only during the Day
Vampire NPC spawns only at Night
Werewolf NPC spawn only during a Full Moon
Witch NPC spawn only when there is Fog outside

World Event Spawners for Airdrop, Helicopter Crash, and Missions use a random timer (e.g., the Helicopter Crash spawns once during the day and once during the night)

Dynamic Visual & Audio Player Warnings during gameplay
Audio: Air raid sirens sound warning players in cities one in-game hour before sunset.
Visual: Dynamic visual warnings during gameplay

Discord Rich Presence:
We’ve implemented Discord Rich Presence functionality, which means that now, when you’re playing “The Dark World”, your Discord profile will display your current in-game activity. This feature enhances the gaming experience by allowing you to share your progress and engagement with friends and the wider gaming community directly through Discord.

New Digital Gods Login & Inventory System:
Take a glimpse at the revamped designs for the game introduction and main menu, showcasing enhanced visuals and improved user interface elements.

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team

State of the Game #1


Dear players,

Welcome to the last State of the Game review for Panonia, the spine-chilling horror survival experience brought to you by Digital Gods! We are thrilled to share with you the current state of the game, including updates, new features, and a glimpse into the terrifying future that awaits you.

  1. Map Expansion – Panonia:
    • Prepare to be consumed by fear as Panonia, our hauntingly atmospheric game world, expands its boundaries. Traverse through desolate landscapes, decrepit structures, and dense forests that harbor unspeakable horrors. Panonia’s expanded map promises to immerse you in a truly nightmarish experience.
  2. Gameplay Enhancements:
    • We have heeded your feedback and have implemented various gameplay enhancements. These include improved AI behavior for the creatures, refined controls for smoother movement, and an overhauled inventory system for better item management. These improvements aim to heighten immersion and optimize your overall gameplay experience.
      We have invested significant effort into enhancing the player controller to introduce new and exciting gameplay possibilities. With this upgrade, players now have access to magic abilities, the option to wield two-handed weapons, engage in fishing activities, and enjoy a range of new player interactions and we are not done yet. These additions aim to expand the gameplay experience and offer more diverse ways to engage with the game world.
    • We are excited to witness your characters grow and evolve as you delve deeper into the horrors that await. The addition of skills, talents, magic, and player stats opens up endless possibilities for character customization and strategic decision-making. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to expand and refine the game based on your feedback and preferences.
    • Progression and Advancement: With the addition of skills, talents, magic, and player stats, the progression and advancement system in the game has been expanded. Earn experience points through combat, exploration, and completing quests to level up your character. Gain skill points to unlock new abilities, invest in talents, and improve your stats. As you progress, your character will become a formidable force within the game world.
    • Player Stats: We have introduced a robust player stats system to enhance gameplay depth and strategy. Track essential attributes such as strength, agility, intelligence, and more, which directly impact your character’s abilities and effectiveness in combat, exploration, and interactions. Strategically allocate stat points as you level up to tailor your character’s strengths to your preferred playstyle.
    • Magic System: Prepare to delve into the mystical arts with our newly implemented magic system. Unlock different schools of magic, each with its own spells and abilities. Harness  and unleash devastating spells upon your enemies. As you advance your magical prowess, discover rare and powerful spells that will aid you in your perilous journey.
    • Skills and Talents: We have introduced a comprehensive skills and talents system, allowing players to customize their characters and specialize in different playstyles. Acquire and level up various skills across different disciplines, such as combat, survival, and magic. Unlock powerful talents that augment your abilities and provide unique advantages in the game world. Your choices and progression will shape your character’s capabilities and playstyle.
    • Balancing and Feedback: We are committed to fine-tuning the new systems and ensuring a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us achieve this goal. We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns with us through our discord, social media channels.
  3. Expanding Storyline:
    • While the initial questline serves as a starting point, we have big plans for the growth and expansion of the game’s storyline in future updates. We aim to provide you with an immersive and evolving story that will captivate your imagination and keep you engaged throughout your adventure. Stay tuned for upcoming updates that will introduce new chapters, characters, and unexpected twists to the unfolding story.
  4. Future Updates:
    • Our dedication to delivering an unforgettable horror survival experience does not end here. The Digital Gods team is tirelessly working on future updates, including new game content, spine-chilling challenges, and fearsome adversaries that will push your limits. Expect regular updates packed with fresh content, balancing tweaks, and community-driven enhancements.
  5. Community Spotlight:
    • We extend our deepest gratitude to the passionate The Dark World community. Your unwavering support, creative contributions, and invaluable feedback continue to shape the game. We encourage you to share your experiences, theories, and fan creations on our official forums and social media channels.

Prepare to confront your deepest fears and fight for survival in Panonia, the nightmare realm crafted by Digital Gods. We are committed to providing you with a bone-chilling and immersive horror survival experience, and we eagerly await the chance to share more updates with you in the near future.

The anticipated patch is set to be released later this month, and we couldn’t be more excited to share these enhancements with you. Stay tuned for the official patch notes and detailed information on all the exciting additions and improvements coming your way.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Team

Screenshots from Game

Preview of upcoming patch – TDW

Dear players,

We would like to start this update by expressing our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering patience and support throughout the development of The Dark World: Edge of Eternity. Your feedback and enthusiasm have been invaluable in shaping the game into the best it can be, and we couldn’t have come this far without you.

Patch 0.2.8

Hello Guardians, We have great news. First of all, we’re a little late with the current patch, but that means we’ve been really busy, we’re still here, we haven’t forgotten about you.