Hello Guardians, We have great news. First of all, we’re a little late with the current patch, but that means we’ve been really busy, we’re still here, we haven’t forgotten about you.

We are happy to announce the new 0.2.8 patch that will be available for play after Christmas holidays.

Release date of Patch: 8th january, 2023.

Character Customization (Finally is here. Basic for now, but will be improved.)

Combat System (empty hand combat, spear, sword, etc.)

New Ranged Weapons (Bow, Crossbow,Grenade Launcher)

Magic & Spells System (Woah… that is something for future use…)

Fishing (If there is not enough food, you can always go for some tasty fish)

Skills (We added possibility to improve your character by increasing their skills)

Building System has been expanded (New tools, Crafting benches, furniture, etc.)

Farming System (Farming is also almost done and ready to grow some fresh ingredients)

Animals & Breeding (Possibility to hold animals for food or as companion)

Shovel & Digging (Hmmm.. Digging… Let’s see what you can find)

NPC has improved a lot (Boss fight will be more interesting and enjoyable)

NPC Companions (If you are solo, you can always find some help from npc in your quest)

Minimap & World Map

Swimming & Diving (Swimming has brought back in game, much smoother and more polished)

Quest & Dialogue & Journal (Finally Questing and leveling is in game and few hours of questing has been already added by now)

Advanced Ability System (New system that allows player to choose play style)

Torch System (On community demand and torch has been added)

IK Solution (Character/AI) (character foot now follows terrain angle and height)

Keep in mind that this is not a finished game and is in its early stages of development.

The content shown is not final and will change or improve. Thank you for all your support.

And remember,

“Death is but the doorway to new Life“

See you in game, TDW Devs