In this patch we present the 3 brides of Count Dracula from Romania Covenant, who always together ravage villages and towns. They are very difficult to kill, especially Khalia. If you are lucky enough, you can hear screams in the distance to avoid them. They are ruthless, they kill everyone and everything. Good luck Guardians.

– Steam achievements have been implemented

– Character footsteps & gear sounds (Sound changes depending on what you are wearing)
– Optimization tweaks around Silver Lake area
– Weather effects on surfaces
– Axe/Pickaxe movement animations
– Performance tweaks for base building
– Improvements related to player initialization

– Plot pole (Remove owner option)
– Plot pole (Added max owners (It is set to 5))
– Resource destruction effect
– New military building (Offices)
– Drakula Brides NPC (Mina, Luna, Khalia)

– Silver Lake Genetics facility has been improved
– Minor changes on Osijek Airport
– Added Wildlife Spawners (Animals)
– Added Watchtowers
– Added collectable resources (Amaranthus plant, Corn plant, Cannabis plant)
– Added crafting recipes for cannabis, scrap metal

– Bug with crouching in Kopacki rit lake
– No footstep sound on crouching state
– Fixed silencer sound (Multiplayer replication)
– Trader has empty inventory after server restart (possible fix)
– Fixed iron ore spawners
– Axe, Pickaxe hitting sounds
– Landscape biome texture size
– Sound of falling tree
– Stumps no longer have falling effect when depleted
– Placing build part in already owned zone
– Fixed item decay on dropped items
– Fixed incorrect ammo count on starting magazines/weapons
– Fixed looted weapon despawn with dead body
– Fixed dehydration and starvation damage from your dead body
– Fixed reloading ammo from clothing not removing item weight

Keep in mind that this is not a finished game and is in its early stages of development. The content shown is not final and will change or improve.

Thank you for all your support.
And remember,

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game,
TDW Devs