In this build we finally bring you guys real multiplayer on dedicated servers and a brand new map, Panonia. How big is Panonia? Well it is 400 square km of terrain, but currently is opened one small part of it. After we test dedicated servers we will continue opening more areas and slowly bringing back NPC’s and all other stuff that are currently unavailable. Single player is also disabled as new map is also coming for single player mode.
Dedicated servers… We know… More official dedicated servers will be available soon and server files will be released till the end of the year.

Important part of gameplay is Guilds and Parties, this will help you to beat big nasty beasts in groups and a little bit easier. We are introducing Brides of Dracula, one of them you can see in the main menu.

Game updates will continue coming periodically, every 2 weeks (Monday).

– Crouching in water
– Silencer sound replication
– Sometimes you can’t pickup item from car (Collision is not updating properly).
– Key K (Unstuck/Kill Player) needs to be removed
– Iron ore resources not spawned
– Trader decided to sell fresh air

Keep in mind that this is not a finished game and is in its early stages of development. The content shown is not final and will change or improve.

Thank you for all your support.
And remember,

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game,
TDW Devs