Hi Survivors,

It’s been a year since the game came out in early access. We’ll talk about the release date of the new patch, what we’ve changed, what’s new and future plans, so stay tuned.


First of all, the release date of the patch. We know that we have not been active on social networks for some time, we worked on a new patch, but as the team is super small, we wanted to add as much content to the game, but we listen to you on our Discord channel, join us and give us suggestions, reviews or just talk to us. Finally..

Patch release date is 15.June.2022.



We made some mistakes at the beginning and we wanted to fix it while the game was still in its early development. The old player controller got stuck in 2018 and so we were limited to do all the fancy things that are standard in new games today. We’ve reworked the player controller from the ground up that gives us the ability to do a lot more with player animations, player movement and abilities.
We have temporarily removed some core components that we will slowly bring back into play through the next few patches. The main reason for this is the dedicated server test and the performance of the game itself and test player vs player combat. With the new patch comes a new map into play and the new map will expand according to the new content with each patch. TDW will now receive update every 2 weeks.
Character customization, we prepared new human player characters (male and female), and customization of player character is coming very shortly after this patch.



– New map (Panonia)
– Improved visual look of world objects
– Zones
– Territories of races


– Dedicated Servers (Windows) (Linux Servers are w.i.p) – [will be available at G-Portal on Nitrado Servers]
– Guilds
– Party/Groups
– Chat has been reworked
– Changes related to player inventory UI
– Fixed Client is crashing on multiplayer join
– Temporarily removed Local Play (LAN)
– Fixed issue with items loading in a container
– Fixed disconnect player inventories not being remove from the server
– Fixed bodies not destroying containing inventory when destroyed
– Fixed weapon inventory’s not destroying with weapon
– Fixed quick slot not clearing when adding item to container


– Added 300+ new items
– Added option to remove owner on plot pole
– Fixed build parts with no ground support not destroying
– Building degradation over time
– Blueprint Item has been removed from the game (all building part now need to be crafted on crafting table)
– Added learnable recipes (Crafting)
– Burnt wood now drops Charcoal Item
– New advanced spawning system for items (now we have a lot more control over spawning items)


– Fixed firing while falling
– Fixed incorrect stance changing after sprinting
– Added empty hands Punching
– Improved Melee weapons handling and animations
– New Female & Male player model and new equipment for them
– Third person aimed stance not showing crosshair
– Player now can carry 4 weapons instead of 2
– Player now can carry 10 pieces of equipment instead of 8


– Improved weapon sounds
– Reworked environment sounds

Keep in mind that this is not a finished game and is in its early stages of development. The content shown is not final and will change or improve.

Thank you for all your support.
And remember,

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game,
TDW Devs

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