Lilith – Queen of the Night


Nickname:Queen of the Night
Born:Unknown, believed to be born before the creation of the world
Strengths:Invincibility, telepathy, power over vampires, life force, speed, cruelty, unpredictability
Weaknesses:Sensitive to light, vulnerable to holy objects, difficult to control
Goal:Destroy everything in her path, take control of all demons, create an army of vampires to rule the world.
Other minor information:Lilith is believed to have been the first wife of Adam but rebelled against God and became a demon. She is now trapped in the body of Jure Grand after Morgana performed a ritual on him, which turned Jure into the first vampire.


Lilith, known as the Queen of the Night, is one of the most dangerous and powerful demons to have ever existed. Her mysterious past is shrouded in mystery, but it is known that she was once the first wife of Adam who rebelled against God. This cost her her humanity and gave rise to a terrible and dark force that is impossible to stop. Lilith’s invincibility and power over vampires make her a formidable opponent. Her telepathy allows her to read the thoughts of all living beings, and her life force and speed allow her to survive almost any situation. However, her cruelty and unpredictability make her a terrifying adversary, and her vulnerability to light and holy objects allow her to be limited to some extent. Lilith’s goal is to destroy everything in her path, take control of all demons, and create an army of vampires to rule the world. There is no negotiation or surrender with her – only blood and death. Now trapped in the body of Jure Grand after Morgana performed a ritual on him, which turned Jure into the first vampire. Lilith will not stop until she finds a way to break free and continue her plans to destroy all who stand in her way.

Short Story

The story of Lilith, Queen of the Night, one of the most dangerous and powerful demons ever created, begins before the world existed. According to biblical legends, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. However, Lilith rebelled against God and refused to submit to Adam. As a result, she was expelled from Eden and turned into a demon.
To understand Lilith, we must go back to the time before Adam and Eve. According to some sources, Lilith was created from the same earth as Adam, making her his equal partner. However, when Adam demanded her submission, Lilith refused. She left and joined forces with Lucifer and other demons, and then became the queen of the night, feared by all.
According to other sources, Lilith was created from chaos, between darkness and light. She drew her power from dark forces and refused to submit to anyone, not even God. Therefore, she was expelled from Eden, and her nature became demonic.
Lilith became known for her unstoppable rage and cruelty, which she directed towards humans, especially children. She believed that children were completely innocent before they were born, but lost that purity upon entering the world. Therefore, she tried to destroy as many children as possible to seek revenge for her exile.
After years and years of exile, Lilith gained unprecedented power and strength. She began her plan to create an army of demons and destroy all who opposed her. Using her powers, she managed to create the vampire species, which would serve as her main army. In order to create the first vampire-beastial hybrids, she needed to weaken the boundaries between the world of the living and the dead, so she sought a way to destroy anyone who opposed her in that goal.
Lilith was consumed by rage and a thirst for revenge. She vowed to bring destruction upon all of God’s creations and to create her own army of demons and vampires to rule over the earth. And so, Lilith’s transformation into a demon was complete.
With her new powers, Lilith went on a rampage, attacking and killing humans and other creatures with no mercy. She quickly gained a reputation as one of the most feared and powerful demons in existence.
But Lilith’s reign of terror was cut short when God sent a group of angels to capture her and bring her back to Heaven to face judgment. However, Lilith was not so easily defeated. She fought back with all of her power, but in the end, the angels were able to subdue her and take her back to Heaven.
Once in Heaven, Lilith was put on trial for her crimes. But even in the face of judgment, Lilith refused to repent or show any remorse for her actions. Instead, she continued to spew venomous insults and threats towards God and the angels. And so, God made the decision to banish Lilith from Heaven and cast her down to Earth.
And so, Lilith found herself alone in the world, a demon without a home. She roamed the earth, using her powers to terrorize and control those around her. And even as the centuries passed and Lilith’s power grew, she remained bitter and angry towards God and all of his creations.
It wasn’t until Lilith encountered Adam, the first man created by God, that she saw a way to enact her revenge. Adam was created from the dust of the earth, just like Lilith, and so she saw in him a kindred spirit. Lilith seduced Adam and convinced him to abandon his wife, Eve, and join her in her quest for vengeance against God.
But Adam’s loyalty to God was too strong, and he eventually returned to Eve. This enraged Lilith even more, and she vowed to never again be subservient to any man or to God himself.
And so, Lilith continued her reign of terror, never resting until her ultimate goal was achieved – the destruction of everything that God had created. Her power and influence continued to grow, and even to this day, Lilith is feared as one of the most powerful and dangerous demons in existence.