Let’s start with the patch release date. As we have been working hard on the new patch for the past few months, it’s time to show you the progress. However, unfortunately it will not be on the 28th as planned, but on January 8th. The reason for this is that we have a few more details to take care of before we give the game into your hands.

Now, moving on to future game updates. The game will receive small updates every 2 weeks and major updates every month. This was not the last long period without updates, and we will have to take another longer period when Unreal Engine 5 is ready and bug-free to switch the game to the new version of the engine.

Those were the bad news, and now let’s move on to the good news.

With this update, we have fixed all the main mechanics in the game and set strong foundations for the continuation of development, which greatly speeds up the game development process.

A new world has been added that will only grow through further game development. Of course, there are still many shortcomings, but now everything is much easier to do so that you can expect a lot of new content, items, NPC characters, weapons, crafting recipes and similar things in the next few updates.

Above, a little higher up you can see a gallery of pictures showing how it looks and how much effort we put into redesigning the old, non-functional map.

This is all for now, we hope you like everything that has been done so far, and of course we will see you on patch day when we will also release the change log.

Thank you all for your support, we would not have come this far without you.

Keep in mind that this is not a finished game and is in its early stages of development.

The content shown is not final and will change or improve.

And remember,

“Death is but the doorway to new Life“

See you in game, TDW Devs