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State of Game #5

This patch brings significant enhancements to the user interface, including a major redesign of the skill page and the introduction of the “Player Card” to better organize the Player Inventory. The game world has been updated with new traps and puzzles at points of interest, a redesigned Witchfire Glade, and direct access to dungeon and […]

State of Game #4

In the latest update we’re excited to introduce revamped player models, offering an array of enhanced customization options for both female and male characters, complete with body morphs for increased diversity. While vampire character customization features are still in the works, players can immerse themselves in over 100 new clothing and gear options to further […]

State of Game #3

Dear Players, We are thrilled to bring you the latest update on the development of TDW. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance your gaming experience. One of the key areas of focus in this update is the audio and world sound design. We recognize the crucial role that sound plays in creating an […]

State of Game #2

Introducing the latest update, “State of Game #2,” for “The Dark World”! While this version is still in development, we’re excited to share our progress as we transition the game from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. This update focuses on laying the groundwork for enhanced visuals and performance, with dynamic foliage interactions, revamped […]


In this latest update (UE4 – Legacy), we’ve fine-tuned Buff & Debuff stats on items and bid farewell to the Christmas Event. Several optimizations were made to enhance the overall gaming experience, including tweaks to the crafting recipes of “Hi-Tech Workshop” and “Wooden Beam,” as well as fixing the item weight and sell price for […]


Dear Guardians, In the spirit of gratitude for your continued support, we come bearing even more exciting news! While we diligently work on upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 to elevate your gaming experience in Panonia, we’ve decided to make this journey even more accessible for everyone. We’ve lowered the price of the game until the […]

Into the Dark – Patch

Dive into the enhanced world of Panonia with this Patch! We’ve spiced up character classes, bid farewell to the Halloween spooks, and introduced cool features like Night Vision Goggles. The Human Zone got a facelift too—no more Vampires or Werewolves hassling you, just a peaceful life behind concrete walls. Oh, and did we mention usable […]

Unleashing Magic and Innovations: Patch

The most recent update to the game brings significant enhancements and new features. Two new traders, Nisha and Azriel, have been introduced, expanding the in-game economy. Players can now expect smoother interactions with companions, as issues with companion dialogue have been addressed. The user interface has undergone a substantial overhaul, improving the overall gaming experience. […]

Patch – “QoL Improvements”

In our latest patch, we bring numerous enhancements that will enrich your in-game experience. Key changes include an extended duration of hunger and thirst, adding depth to your struggle for survival. We’ve also optimized real-time map rendering, improved the in-game world, and introduced new locations like the mysterious “Witchfire Glade.” Additionally, you can now better […]

Patch Notes

In this patch, we’ve addressed various aspects of the game “The Dark World: Edge of Eternity.” We fixed issues with NPC spawns, ensuring proper functionality. Additionally, a powerful Werewolf World Boss, Fenris “The Unleashed,” has been added to the game. We’ve fine-tuned the damage values and multipliers for all weapons to improve the overall gameplay balance.