State of Game #2

Introducing the latest update, “State of Game #2,” for “The Dark World”! While this version is still in development, we’re excited to share our progress as we transition the game from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. This update focuses on laying the groundwork for enhanced visuals and performance, with dynamic foliage interactions, revamped NPC and event spawners, and the implementation of Discord Rich Presence for seamless community integration. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil these exciting enhancements, including revamped designs for the game introduction and main menu, bringing us closer to an even more immersive gaming experience.

UE4 (Legacy)

No Changes

UE5 (W.I.P) build:

Visual Improvements:
This is an example of how a new approach provides us with new possibilities to enhance visuals and performance, even as the game logic expands. Foliage now reacts to wind and interacts with the player with sound and/or movement as they walk through it, creating a more immersive look and feel when you are playing the game.

NPC & Event Spawner Overhaul:
We’ve revamped all spawners for NPCs. NPC entities are no longer loaded in memory all the time, as was the case in the Legacy version, which caused low performance. The new spawners now utilize player proximity, time of day, moon phase, and weather conditions for spawning, resulting in improved performance. With these new spawners, we can now have over 5000 NPC spawns with minimal impact on performance.

Here’s how the new spawns work for different types of NPCs:
Human NPC spawns only during the Day
Vampire NPC spawns only at Night
Werewolf NPC spawn only during a Full Moon
Witch NPC spawn only when there is Fog outside

World Event Spawners for Airdrop, Helicopter Crash, and Missions use a random timer (e.g., the Helicopter Crash spawns once during the day and once during the night)

Dynamic Visual & Audio Player Warnings during gameplay
Audio: Air raid sirens sound warning players in cities one in-game hour before sunset.
Visual: Dynamic visual warnings during gameplay

Discord Rich Presence:
We’ve implemented Discord Rich Presence functionality, which means that now, when you’re playing “The Dark World”, your Discord profile will display your current in-game activity. This feature enhances the gaming experience by allowing you to share your progress and engagement with friends and the wider gaming community directly through Discord.

New Digital Gods Login & Inventory System:
Take a glimpse at the revamped designs for the game introduction and main menu, showcasing enhanced visuals and improved user interface elements.

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team

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