Unleashing Magic and Innovations: Patch

The most recent update to the game brings significant enhancements and new features. Two new traders, Nisha and Azriel, have been introduced, expanding the in-game economy. Players can now expect smoother interactions with companions, as issues with companion dialogue have been addressed.

The user interface has undergone a substantial overhaul, improving the overall gaming experience. Item tooltips now provide information on item values, aiding players in making informed decisions. In terms of optimization, there have been notable improvements, with GPU usage reduced by half, leading to better performance on a variety of systems.

In the world-building aspect, the addition of electricity in houses and buildings enhances the immersive quality of the game. Crafting enthusiasts will appreciate the new blueprints for light switches and lights for base building, expanding creative possibilities.

Exploration has become even more captivating with the inclusion of a train rail in the human zone, and players can now make use of trains for transportation. Elevators within buildings make navigating them more convenient.

The introduction of a skill tree that unlocks magic abilities adds a new dimension to character progression. Magic abilities, alongside item buffs, offer fresh gameplay experiences.

The inventory user interface has seen changes to enhance usability, and NPCs have become more rewarding, now dropping coins as loot. Learnable recipes have been added, and lab desk and grinder recipes have been updated for crafting enthusiasts.

Several bug fixes are in place, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. For those in the Halloween spirit, an exciting Halloween event has been added to celebrate the season. All in all, this patch brings a multitude of improvements, additions, and fixes, enhancing the game’s depth and engagement.

– Added Nisha and Azriel traders
– Fixed dialogue with companion
– Reworked some elements of UI
– Item tool tip now showing item worth
– Fixed item rarity is displayed at trader
– Added temperature, season and current weather state at world info panel
– Greatly improved world optimization (GPU Usage is halved down)
– Improved optimization related to lights in the world
– Small changes related to game economy
– Fixed hotbar not displaying item rarity properly
– Added Apple Tree (There is a 50% of chance to apple tree drop an apple on Hit)
– Code optimization related to Timers
– Chat now displays current player Area
– Added Electricity is houses and buildings
– Added crafting blueprint for light switch and light (Base building)
– Fixed Minimap compass and world map pointing west instead of north
– Added Directional Damage Indicator
– Added Damage Taken Screen Indicator
– Added Hunger and Thirst are now blinking red when state is lower than 25%
– Compass has be reworked
– Fixed collision blocking player in Military Base “Pampas”
– Added New Resources
– Added New Crafting Recipes
– Changes to item stats
– Mushrooms can be cooked now
– Insects can now be eaten
– Train rail has been added in human zone
– Added Train transport (Train stops on every station (POI))
– Added Elevator into buildings
– Skill tree can unlock use of magic
Added Magic
– Added Item Buffs
– Inventory UI changes
– NPC’s now drop coins
– Added learnable recipes
– Lab desk recipes updated
– Grinder recipes updated
– Fixed water storage not filling water in bottles
– Fixed improvised liquid machine recipe
– Fixed Quest “Ghara Survival Training”
– Added Halloween Event

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

“Death is but the doorway to new Life”

See you in game, The Digital Gods Dev Team

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