Patch – “QoL Improvements”

In our latest patch, we bring numerous enhancements that will enrich your in-game experience. Key changes include an extended duration of hunger and thirst, adding depth to your struggle for survival. We’ve also optimized real-time map rendering, improved the in-game world, and introduced new locations like the mysterious “Witchfire Glade.” Additionally, you can now better organize your weapons as they are displayed on your character. There are new weapon types, various optimizations, and fixes, along with support for guilds in the social menu.

– Increased duration of hunger and thirst
– Increased decay time for fresh food
– Holstering weapons added (Hotbar weapons and items are now displayed on character)
– Optimization related to real-time map render
– World optimization tweaks
Fenris “The Unleashed” now has 0.03% to drop Exotic weapon
– Fixed Fenris “The Unleashed” spawns on 2 locations
– New Location “Witchfire Glade”
– Added crafting recipe for Dungeon Key for “Beast’s Burrow”
– City names are now displayed on the map
– Fixed map markers (Rotated correctly)
– Removed Water Source markers from world map (Now visible only on minimap)
– Added 2 new markers for Restricted Area Locations
– Added Fire Department Building
– Added Church (Church bell rings every full hour)
– Added Port Hangar Building
– Fixed Furnace VFX
– Added 12 new weapons
– Weapon grade now increase weapon stats properly
– Training map redesigned
– Main menu redesigned for better performance
– NPC health bar is now visible in dark
– NPC Boss health bar changes
– Fixed World Boss has too much armor
– Fixed Bullet impact VFX on Werewolf and Vampire NPC’s (Blood Splatter)
– Partially fixed issue with Crafting Station not saving items (IMPORTANT: See known bugs bellow)
– Fridge keep your food fresh 10x longer
– Chat has been greatly expanded
– Added social menu
– Added guilds
– Codelock and simple lock has been fixed (Codelock display color now change when door is locked/unlocked)
– Added missing keybindings in settings menu
– Added Water Bottle returns Empty Plastic Bottle after being used (Suggested by lamerascal)
– Added Player list with View Profile and Add as Friend steam options
– Added gold coins in loot and spawn table
– NPC name colors added:

  • Boss NPC – Orange color
  • Friendly NPC – Green color
  • Aggressive NPC – Red color
  • Neutral NPC – White color

– Implemented Steam player informations into Social menu
– Spelling correction for loot containers (Thanks to lamerascal)


Known bugs:
– To avoid loss of items in crafting tables, create server > save game for the first time > load game. (Now everything should be working correctly.)
– In some cases NPC plays animation in dead state
– Some options not working in character customisation
– Map is currently rendering in real-time until we finish mapping and drawing new.

We look forward to you enjoying these new contents and upgrades, and we thank you for your support as we continue to develop our game.

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Team

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