Patch Notes

In this patch, we’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing the gameplay experience in “The Dark World: Edge of Eternity.” We’ve diligently addressed a range of issues, beginning with ensuring proper NPC spawns. The addition of a formidable Werewolf World Boss, Fenris “The Unleashed,” promises an exciting new challenge for players.

To ensure a balanced and engaging combat environment, we’ve meticulously corrected damage values and multipliers for all weapons. Our goal is to provide you with a satisfying and immersive combat experience.

Diving deeper into the realm of challenge, we’ve elevated the lethality of Vampire and Werewolf NPCs, making encounters with these formidable foes even more intense.

User experience has also been a focus. We’ve addressed the absence of hotbar icons, resulting in smoother and more intuitive gameplay.

Loot mechanics have undergone fine-tuning and fixes, promising a more rewarding and captivating gameplay loop for all adventurers.

Additionally, we’ve undertaken a comprehensive redesign of the Osijek safezone, offering a fresh and immersive environment. A new location, Osijek – West, invites exploration and discovery, expanding the world for you to immerse yourself in.

Our commitment to enhancing the User Interface is evident in minor yet impactful alterations. Navigation and engagement within the game have been made even more intuitive.

Further enhancing your journey, the InGame Map has undergone refinements and now functions correctly. Introducing new map markers, we’ve aimed to facilitate navigation and encourage discovery.

Acknowledging the importance of performance, we’ve implemented optimization tweaks. These refinements ensure a smoother performance, contributing to an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience.


– Fixed NPC Spawns
– Added Werewolf World Boss (Fenris “The Unleashed”)
– Corrected damage values and damage multipliers on all weapons
– Enhanced lethality of Vampire and Werewolf NPC’s
– Included missing hotbar icons
– Adjustments made to loot and fixes
– Redesigned Osijek safezone
– Introduced a new location (Osijek – West)
– Minor alterations related to User Interface
– Slightly improved and now functioning correctly InGame Map
– Added new map markers
– Optimization tweaks for smoother performance

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. As you continue your journey through The Dark World, we hope you thoroughly enjoy these enhancements.

Play on and embark on epic adventures!

Death is but the doorway to new Life

See you in game, The Digital Gods Team

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