NFT ArtNFT NameNFT DescriptionSupply
Bloody Moon Bloody MoonComplete task in game – Defend your base and survive werewolf attack!1
Workout Time Workout TimeComplete task in game – My first 1km of exploration.1000
Will of the Guardian Will of the GuardianComplete task in game – Play as human in multiplayer mode.1000
War is Coming War is ComingComplete task in game – Participate in Early Access.1000
Vampire Hunter Vampire HunterComplete task in game – Kill a vampire in any mode!1000
Witch Hunt Witch HuntComplete task in game – Find and burn a witch in any mode!1000
Tracker TrackerComplete task in game – Hunt and kill your first werewolf!1000
Stone Age Stone AgeComplete task in game – Craft Primitive Hatchet & Pickaxe!1000
Still Noob, but Deadly Noob Still Noob, but Deadly NoobComplete task in game – Kill the player in any multiplayer mode.1000
Special Mind of Mine Special Mind of MineComplete task in game – You learned how to craft.1000
Son of Legolas Son of LegolasComplete task in game – Craft and Equip Bow!1000
Ready to Fight Ready to FightComplete task in game – Play the game for the first time.1000
Pile of Bodies Pile of BodiesComplete task in game – Kill 20 player in multiplayer mode.1000
New life begins New life beginsComplete task in game – Respawn for the first time.1000
Lab Rat Lab RatComplete task in game – Craft and place Lab Desk!1000
Kindling the flame Kindling the flameComplete task in game – Craft and Place Campfire!1000
Justice Prevails Justice PrevailsComplete task in game – Find and kill S.T.R.U. 5 Soldiers!1000
Flawless Mastery Flawless MasteryComplete task in game – Finish Ghara Survival Training Quest!1000
Baby Steps Baby StepsComplete task in game – Craft and Equip Sharp Stone!1000
Architect ArchitectComplete task in game – Build my first home!1000